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It’s a dream. Now they’re adding more and more. And by the way the three of them — I’m not saying a three, I’m saying a trio of them — they keep their heads together, so they are in the same city. They’re all over the place. They’re all like, “No, I want this. I want that. I want this.” It’s funny, because they all seem very shy, but it’s so clear how much they love each other, and they respect each other. So the videos are a kind of performance. They’re all very good singers, and they all sing to each other. The videos are very melodic, very rich, just incredibly melodic. And they have a wonderful, wonderful selection of songs. I’m a Frank Sinatra fan myself, and they’re all Frank Sinatra songs, but just in very different ways. I have a Sinatra, a Neapolitan song, a great show-tune song, they have all kinds of music. They have jazz music. They have folk music. They’ve got the most amazing brass section. They’ve got the most amazing rhythm section. So I’m really not saying anything bad about their singing. They’re all very good singers. They’re all very good, and they’re good at doing these songs in a way that you can just sing along with them. And you mentioned YouTube. Your background is in film and video. But now you’re venturing into music. Do you have a preferred medium? Well, in the very beginning, when I first started making music videos, I was doing film, and I still do a lot of film. I’m still making film, but my videos are very different. I think that the main difference is that if you’re doing a song, when you’re making a video, it’s about you, the artist, and you want to say something, about who you are. It’s you, but you’re saying it as part of the story that you’re telling. So it’s different in a very, very strong way. It’s more the artist than anything else. It’s your story, but the story



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{My Sexy Neha} Indian Wife Neha Nair Full SiteRip {Part 1}.rar

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